About Us

RTT GLOBEX LTD  manufactures cutting-edge global products for the Beauty, Health and Food Industry.

Beginning in Australia as Royal Tahiti Trading in 2003 we started exporting and trading unique health food products in the Asia Pacific region. After many years of building strong relationships with suppliers and clients in Asia we have now cemented strategic partners in the complete range of trading activities in manufacturing, exporting, importation, distribution and online marketing. As our business expanded rapidly in Asia it made sense to get closer to our clients so Royal Tahiti Trading became RTT GLOBEX LTD incorporated in Hong Kong.

Following our trading success we began investing in our own brands (also client's private label) producing globally competitive products in partnership with manufacturers from around the world. Involving our end clients at the beginining of the product development process we are able to produce exciting new products by combining the expertise of all parties from start to finish. The results are state-of-the-art products giving our end clients a competitive edge in their local market.

In 2014, we are actively promoting our Noa Noa brand from Tahiti and New Zealand in trade shows across Asia.

Noa Noa - Harmony with Life. Harmony with Nature.