Noni Juice -
We manufacture and export the highest quality noni juice available on the world market. We have been Certified Organic JAS for over 10 years and our juice is 100% Product of Tahiti. We produce a 100% Pure Juice product in bulk or bottled form. We supply product under our own brands or custom make product under our client's private label. 100% Pure Juice or Blended Product available according to each clients needs as well as the ability to adjust the production process to meet any particular specification required by our clients. To guarantee our quality and for customer's assurance we supply genuine Organic Certification and genuine Certificates of Origin with every shipment.

Noni Nitro - Noni Nitro is a 100% Natural Energy Enhancement Product designed to boost mental and physical energy levels. Utilizing the well know health properties of organic Noni from Tahiti, the Real Noni Nitro combines concentrated extracts that will assist in boosting the Nitric Oxide (NO) at the cellular level, resulting in enhanced vitality throughout the day.
Manuka Lozenges -
We manufacture the highest quality Manuka Lozenges on the world market. We supply fully certified and independently lab tested Manuka Lozenges under our own brands. Our Product contains over 90% pure genuine Manuka honey from New Zealand. Having exported Lozenges from New Zealand to Asia for many years we offer different ratings and formats as required by our clients to achieve the maximum impact on the retail market. To guarantee our quality and for customer's assurance we supply genuine certificates with every shipment.